Personal development, self-improvement, personal growth, self-discovery, self-help….

You’ve probably heard of at least one of these terms…

but what exactly do they mean and why do we need them??


To start with, the term personal development is pretty self-explanatory. It means to develop yourself, to improve yourself, to discover or learn more about yourself.

It covers a very broad range of areas, including;

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem building
  • Developing strengths and talents
  • Improving self-awareness and self-knowledge (getting to know yourself better!)
  • developing emotional intelligence
  • improving health, wealth and lifestyle

I think you would agree that these are all pretty important things, right?

I like to put them under the category of “Stuff you don’t learn at school”

And it is exactly this reason why many people do not “discover” personal development until later in life. Most of us assume that they are teaching us all the important stuff at school, right?

WRONG! Big fat NO!

Personal development is something you need to seek out yourself, and unfortunately, it usually takes an unpleasant life event to happen before someone will grab a self-help book, or start really caring about improving themselves.

For me, I was so sick of feeling like I had no control over my life. My stress was at an all-time high, my confidence was non-existent, and my emotions were out-of-control! After being left with yet another broken-heart, I said “That’s it. No more.”  

I read every single self-help book I could find. I went to weekend workshops, meditation classes, enrolled in online programs, had private coaching….

I did everything and everything to get my life back on track and guess what…..

I feel amazing.

I finally like who I am, I love my body, I have confidence and life goals and emotional balance (well, most of the time!)

Now while this didn’t happen overnight, it also isn’t rocket science. It takes a bit of time and effort to learn new things and develop new habits, but the actual concepts and ideas are not complicated.

So, my first thought was “why doesn’t anyone teach us this stuff?”

And my second thought was

“Imagine if I knew all of this when I was a teenager!”

Being a teenager is not easy. There are SO many changes happening on so many levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Your brain is changing, your hormones are running wild, then add onto that friendships, relationships, social and academic pressures, and of course – social media.

While there are thousands of self-help books and personal development resources out there – I have discovered that most are not written or developed with teenagers in mind.

Self Savvi was established to help bring awareness about the importance of personal development for teenagers, but also to find and develop resources that teens will find interesting and relevant as well!

A good start would be to download our FREE eBook “Little Notes to my Teenage Self” and be sure to follow us on Instagram for daily inspiration and motivation!

If you find any great resources, be sure to write them in the comment box below so that others can try them out too and thanks for sharing the LOVE!

Lots of love, 

Alisha Jane xxx

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