How to get out of a funk

Ok so it’s one of those days. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to be seen. I want to be invisible. However……

There’s things to do. People to see. Human stuff to attend to.


So what really helps me on days like this? Days where I just don’t want to face the world?


This is fastest way for me to get out of a funk.

A quick walk or jog.

10 minutes of yoga.

Blasting my favourite song through my headphones and dancing my butt off in my room.

Movement is not only a release for the body, but it gets all of the feel-good chemicals flowing through your body.

No wonder it always helps get me out of a funky mood


Get out of my head

My mind is usually super chatty on a get-out-of-my-face day. Full of things I need to do, things I should have done, and lots of worrying about things that might not even happen.

I find that writing down all the thoughts in my head can help me understand WHAT I’m feeling and WHY I’m in a funk.

My journal is like a friend that I can say ANYTHING to and they won’t judge me or make me feel bad for the craziness of my thoughts.

My journal just listens to me. Thanks Journal.


If I could do yoga all day, every day –  I would.

What is the one thing that you could do all day, every day?

The thing that makes you feel amazing?

The thing that makes life seem so much better/easier/funner (is that a word?)

Maybe its singing that makes you feel good

Perhaps hanging with your bestie just makes all your worries go away

What is your favourite thing?

Maybe you have a whole list of favourite things….

I would love to hear them

Write them in the comments below.

Maybe they’ll inspire others.

Maybe I’ll steal your ideas and add them to my own list

I love sharing what helps me because it FEELS GOOD!

We all need a daily dose of inspiration and motivation so jump on over to my Instagram so I can fill your feed full of love

Lots of love,

Alisha Jane xxx

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