Fill your feed with LOVE


Yes, I look at Instagram when I’m meant to be working.

Yes, I scroll through my Facebook feed till I forget why I had my phone out in the first place.

Yes, I try to read the whole internet before I go to sleep.

Guilty as charged.

I spend a lot of time online.

But, so what?

Yes, there is a heap of mindless, time-wasting crap on the internet……

But there is also an abundance of useful information, insightful articles and inspiring people.

I use the internet, including social media, to make me a better person.

To inspire me to be great

To encourage me to follow my dreams

You will not see my Instagram feed full of “impossibly beautiful” people with “perfect” lives.


Because it makes me feel like crap.

It makes me feel like I’m not good enough, pretty enough, or rich enough.

When in actual fact………

I am perfect just the way I am

By the way, so are you.

So, what are my social media feeds filled with?


Inspiring people who post beautiful messages that put a smile on my face

Cheesy quotes about life and love that pick me up when I need some motivation

Informative articles about things I can’t get enough of (self-love, confidence, meditation)


A few of my favourites are;

Coconut and Lime Instagram Account – I can’t get enough of the colour scheme

Self Savvi on Instagram – Daily inspiration and motivation for Teenage Girls

Louise Hay on Facebook – the queen of positive affirmations and cheesy quotes

Price Ea on Facebook  – spreading love with inspiring quotes and videos


You may have noticed that Self Savvi is my business account (cheeky I know!)

I love sharing things on there that inspire others…… because it FEELS GOOD!

And hey, we all need a daily dose of inspiration and motivation, right?

Which social media accounts give you the most happiness??

Pop them in the comment box below so everyone can check them out and thanks for helping to spread the love!


Lots of love,

Alisha Jane xxx

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