How to develop Self-Worth


Self-worth is not a topic that we discuss often……… but it should be.


Our self-worth, or how much value we put on ourselves and our lives, ultimately determines how confident we are and also plays a huge role in our levels of happiness.

Confidence and happiness.

Pretty important factors in living a great life, right?

The amazing thought leader Alexi Panos says that we feel valuable when we create value for others.

So when we take time to listen to others or give friendship and support to others, then that makes us feel valuable.

It makes us a valuable part of other peoples lives

Now I totally agree with this, but I also believe that as well as creating value for others, we need to take time to create value for OURSELVES.

In other words, making ME…. a better version of me

And how can we do this?


There are many aspects to personal development, but focusing on these in particular can help you develop more self-worth.

1) Focus on your strengths

and celebrate these parts of your character.  So maybe you are funny, or creative or a good leader. Be aware of these traits that make you awesome and remind yourself of them everyday!

2) Keep a journal

to help identify any negative thought patterns, emotions and actions that lower your self-worth. Write it all down, get it all out of your head, and it’s much easier to see the bigger picture and develop a plan of action.

3) Hang around people that make you FEEL GOOD about yourself

and check out this blog post about how to fill your feed with love (your social media news feed, that is!)

4) Attend a Personal development workshop

or even better, Self Savvi has some awesome online courses designed specifically for Teenage Girls – just saying 😉

What other activities have helped you develop more self-worth?
Write them in the comment box below so that others can try them out too and thanks for sharing the LOVE!

Lots of love, 

Alisha Jane xxx

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